Clathrus archeri – in colour!

The fungus Clathrus archeri is an Antipodean species that was first recorded in the UK about 100 years ago. It is most often seen in the south of England, but appears to be spreading north. In 2017 it was recorded in the Sheffield area for the first time. A total of...

Recorders and Recording Schemes

The Society collects information about the wildlife and geology of the Sheffield area. Details of the society’s recorders and recording schemes can be found on the following web page:

Submitting your fungi records

Please send all your fungi records from “Sorbyshire” to our Fungi Recorder, Michael Senkans – email Please enable JavaScript to see this field.. For more information, please see the web page for the Sorby Fungus...

New Guidance on Bird Recording

Harold Smith has re-written the guidance notes for people who want to submit their bird records to the Sorby Ornithological Group. The revised notes can be found here:

Vacant Post of Bird Recorder

This is an appeal to the membership for someone to take on the duties of Bird Recorder. The requirements are for someone who likes birds and can use a computer and can construct a spreadsheet to transfer records as and when needed. The Sorby Ornithological Group uses...