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Covering a full range of natural history interests in Sheffield and the surrounding area, providing for both interested beginners and specialists.

The Sorby Record

The Sorby Record is the flagship journal of Natural History published by Sorby. It is published annually and covers all aspects of Natural History for Sheffield and the surrounding area. It is issued free to members and the back issues listed below are available to order from Peter Clegg, 30 Trueman Green, Maltby, Rotherham, S66 8QR (including: a cheque payable to ‘Sorby Natural History Society, Sheffield’, the publication you would like to acquire, your name and address). .

To submit an article and any other queries, contact the editor, Derek Whiteley, Beech Cottage, Wardlow, Derbyshire SK17 8RP, .

Download Fifty Years of the Sorby Record (1958 to 2008) (PDF).

The Sorby Record back issues:

No. 51 2015 Will be published soon
2014 FRONT COVER image No. 50 2014 Alder Leaf Beetle Agelastica alni, Common Frog behaviour, Harvestman, Buxton long-term climate change experiment, Viburnum Leaf Beetle Pyrrhalta viburni, Sausage Beard-moss Didymodon tomaculosus, Bryophytes of Reservoirs and Arable Fields, Historical Records of Ichneumons, Lichen, Alien grasses, Deer in the Sheffield Area, Weather 2013, Weather 2014. Full content. £5.00 UK
No. 49 2013 Will be published soon
2012 FRONT COVER image No. 48 2012 Eastern Moors Plants, Hobby Falco Subbuteo, Water Bent Polypogon viridis, English Elm at Maltby, Alien plants, Climate Projections, Weather 2012. Full content. £5.00 UK
2011 FRONT COVER image No. 47 2011 Weather, Coleoptera, Scarce Diptera, Fungus-Gnats, Tree Bumblebee, Hemiptera Heteroptera, Earwig (Dermaptera), Wood Ant around Greno Wood, Review of the Wood-boring Weevils, Hemiptera Heteroptera in the Derby Museum, Caddisfly, Alder Leaf Beetle Agelastica alni, Adventive Flora, Oil Beetles, British records of Red Harvestman Opilio canestrinii, Greenhouse Camel Cricket. Full content. £5.00 UK
sr46-f No. 46 2010 Value for birds of the green corridors associated with two rivers of the Sheffield area, introduction to plant galls in the, Sorby area, Limb Valley botanical survey, recorders reports and much more.Full content. £5.00 UK
sr45-f No. 45 2009 A check list of Derbyshire Lichens, Lichen Recorder’s report 2009, Wood Mouse Behaviour, Sorby Fungi Group Recorder’s Report. Full content. £5.00 UK
sr44-f No. 44 2008 The 50th anniversary issue! Contents include: Historic Plant Records from the A.W.Bartlett Herbarium, A Biodiversity Map for Sheffield Based on Species Richness, Fifty Years of the Sorby Record 1958-2008, Stictopleurus punctatonervosus (Hemiptera: Rhopalidae) new to Yorkshire and a summary review of other Rhopalidae in Yorkshire, The Fungus Gnats (Diptera, Mycetophilidae etc.) of Nabs Wood, South Yorkshire, Margaret Rachel Shaw (1920-2008), The effect of winter temperatures on the survival of Winter Wrens Troglodytes troglodytes in Derbyshire, Vegetation of the Don Revisited. Full content. £5.00 UK
sr43-f No. 43 2007 ‘The Garden Centre’ spider Uloborus plumipes, Bryophyes – the return of Epiphytes to South Yorkshire and North East Derbyshire, The Flora of Longstone Edge and many other articles of Natural History interest in the Sorby area. Full Content. £5.00 UK
sr42-sup-f No. 42 Supplement 2006 How Green is Sheffield? Full content. included with Sorby Record No. 42
sr42-f No. 42 2006 Aculeate wasps and bees of South Yorkshire, the Harlequin Ladybird in Northern England (including the Sorby area) and many more. Full content. £5.00 UK
No. 41 2005 Moths recorded in Bradway between 2000 and 2005, an analysis of breeding distribution and landscape preferences of declining farmland birds, changes in Swallow populations, land use and other background information for the Sorby recording area and many more. £5.00 UK
No. 40 2004 Moths of Blacka Moor and Wyming Brook, the Lesser Marsh Grasshopper, Bog Bilberry, The Slender Groundhopper, the Sorby Breck Ringing Group annual report, Parasitoids of Ladybirds in the Sheffield area a check list of the flowers, ferns, grasses, sedges and rushes in the cloughs of the Upper Derwent and many more. £5.00 UK
No. 39 2003 Hoverflies (Syrphidae) of Nottinghamshire, The Charles Waite Herbarium at Sheffield Museum, a checklist of easily identifiable flowers, ferns and grasses of Middleton Dale, Ewden Valley Bryophytes, Ascomycetes, Alien plants, Adders, Bird feeding survey, Sorby Breck ringing group report. £4.00 UK
No. 38 2002 Loversall Delph : A wildlife Jewel at Potteric Carr, Mountain Hare Walks, Millipedes, Centipedes, Woodlice, Harvestmen, psuedoscorpions, Coleoptera and Hoverfly recorders reports and interesting notes on Dragonflies, Damselflies, Craneflies and a Hoverfly. £3.00 UK
No. 37 2001 The Importance of Gardens for Birds, Grey Squirrels in the Limb Valley, Red and Fallow Deer, Labrador Tea, Sorby Bibliography, The genus Mycetophilain the Barnsley area, Recorders reports. £3.00 UK
No. 36 2000 House Martens Nests, Water Voles at Poteric Carr, Wolves, Wasps and Bees, Ichneumons of the Sorby Area, Sawflies new to the Sorby Area. Recorders reports. £3.00 UK
No. 35 1999 Freshwater macro and micro species survey, slugs and snails of Anston Stones Wood, botanical collections at Sheffield Museum, The Sheffield Biodiversity Project, Biodiversity in Rotherham at the end of the 20th century. Recorders reports. £3.00 UK
No. 34 1998 Special 80th Anniversary Issue £2.00 UK
No. 33 1997 The Mammal Atlas Edition. Maps of all local species. £2.00 UK
No. 32 1996 Harvest Mice, Figs, Hoverflies, various invertebrate papers. £2.00 UK
No. 31 1995 The Black Redstart. The Dragon of Wortley. Botanical Changes of the Sheffield Canal 1984-1995. £5.00 UK
No. 30 1993 Muntjac, Warncliffe, Russian Parks, Veteran & Rare Trees, Derbyshire Lichens, railway vegetation, Polecats. £5.00 UK
No. 29 1992 Butterfly Atlas Edition. £2.00 UK
No. 28 1991 20 Papers on Invertebrates Including Freshwater Jellyfish. £5.00 UK
No. 27 Memorial Issue 1990 The Natural History of Ecclesall Woods: History, ‘Q’ Pits, Moths, Bryophytes, Vascular Plants… £5.00 UK
No. 26 1989 Census of Swallows (Sorby Area). Coleoptera Recorder’s Report (1987). A list of Ferns of Thorne Moors. Bird Life of Urban Sites. The Sorby Rocks 1950-1960. £2.00 UK
No. 25 1987/88 Urban Wildlife in Sheffield. £2.00 UK
No. 24 1986 Ancient Woods in the Sheffield Area. Further Additions of the Coleoptera Fauna of an Upland Pennine Valley. Limb Valley Progress Report. Long-Eared Owls – Winter Diet in Lowland Areas. £5.00 UK
No. 23 Supplement 1985 The Insects of Thorne Moors. £2.00 UK
No. 23 1985 Bats, Mountain Hare Walks, Toads, Solitary Wasps, Wood Ant Census, Odonata and Plant Galls of Worsborough Valley, Birds of SK/49.76. £5.00 UK
No. 21 1983 Indicator Beetles. Alport Dale Beetles (Pt. 2). Demolition Site Beetles. Testacella. Aeshua mixtae. Blackbird Census. Knopper Gall. Bee Orchids. Clouded Yellow. Recorder Reports. £2.00 UK
No. 20 1982 £5.00 UK
No. 19 1981 £5.00 UK
No. 18 1980 £5.00 UK
No. 17 1979 £5.00 UK
No. 16 1978 £5.00 UK
No. 15 1977 £5.00 UK
No. 14 1976 £5.00 UK
No. 13 1974 £5.00 UK
Vol. 3 1968-1973 on application
Vol. 2 1963-1967 on application
Vol. 1 1958-1962 on application