The Sorby Natural History Society, Sheffield

Covering a full range of natural history interests in Sheffield and the surrounding area, providing for both interested beginners and specialists.

The Sorby Record – Special Series

The Sorby Record Special Series publishes authoritative natural history monographs for Sheffield and the surrounding areas. Back issues listed below are available to order from Peter Clegg, 30 Trueman Green, Maltby, Rotherham, S66 8QR (including: a cheque payable to ‘Sorby Natural History Society, Sheffield’, the publication you would like to acquire, your name and address). 

For any other queries, contact the editor, Derek Whiteley, Beech Cottage, Wardlow, Derbyshire SK17 8RP.

The Sorby Record Special Series:

Sorby Record Special Series No. 16 Front Cover No. 16 2011 Sheffield’s Weather, by Gaynor Boon & Adrian Middleton £10.00 UK
srss15-f No. 15 2011 Ground Beetles of the Sorby Area £5.00 UK
No. 14 2006 Atlas of the Water Beetles (Coleoptera) and Water Bugs (Hemiptera) of Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, and South Yorkshire, 1993 – 2005 £8.00 UK
No. 13 2001 Common Trees in the Peak District. £4.00 UK
No. 12 1999 Insects of the Barnsley Area. £5.00 UK
No. 11 1998 Reptiles And Amphibians of the Sheffield Area and North Derbyshire. £4.00 UK
No. 10 1995 Millipedes, Centipedes & Woodlice of the Sheffield Area by P. Richards. –sold out–
No. 9 1992 Butterflies of Doncaster by E. Rimmington. £3.00 UK
No. 8 1988 A Flora of the Sheffield Area – Two Hundred Years of Plant Records. Edited by M. Shaw. £4.00 UK (softback) £5.00 UK (hardback)
No. 7 1984 Birdwatching in the Sheffield Area and the Peak District by D. Herringshaw & R. A. Frost –sold out–
No. 6 1987 Hoverflies of the Sheffield Area by D. Whiteley. £5.00 UK
No. 5 1981 Butterflies of the Sheffield Area by S. F. Garland. £2.00 UK
No. 4 1981 Freshwater Invertebrates of the Sheffield District by K. A. Kasada and E. H. Smith. £5.00 UK
No. 3 1980 Mammals of the Sheffield Area by Valerie Clinging and Derek Whiteley. £5.00 UK
No. 2 1980 Ringing & Recoveries in the Sheffield Area by A. Crabtree and G. P. Mawson. £2.00 UK
No. 1 1979 The Moths of Sheffield by Steven P Garland. £5.00 UK