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Covering a full range of natural history interests in Sheffield and the surrounding area, providing for both interested beginners and specialists.

Sorby Books

The Mammals of Derbyshire is available to order from Peter Clegg, 30 Trueman Green, Maltby, Rotherham, S66 8QR (including: a cheque payable to ‘Sorby Natural History Society, Sheffield’, the publication you would like to acquire, your name and address). . The other Sorby books are sold out but second-hand copies become available from time to time.

Title and Content
tmod-f 2012 The Mammals of Derbyshire.

A comprehensive account of Derbyshire’s mammals (past, present and possible future) with a total of over 85,000 records. Contains almost 200 pages of information, distribution maps and photographs.

David Mallon, Debbie Alston and Derek Whiteley. £10.00 UK
1985 Natural History of SA and Pd 1985 The Natural History of the Sheffield Area and the Peak District.

A readable account of nearly all aspects of local natural history and geology. 256 pages and 24 chapters each written by an authority on the subject at the time. Black and white line drawings and maps.

Ed. Derek Whiteley. Second-hand copies occasionally available.
1974 Birds of Sheffield area 1974 Birds of the Sheffield Area.

167 pages reviewing our knowledge of birds up to 1970 with a postscript for 1971-1973.

Ed. Harold Smith. Published jointly with Sheffield City Museums. Second-hand copies occasionally available.
1968 Sands ed Sorby Jubilee 1968 The Natural History of the Sheffield District.

The Sorby Natural History Society Jubilee Publication. 74 pages reviewing knowledge at the time, with chapters on Geology, Flowering Plants, Birds, Mammals, Reptiles, Amphibians and Fishes, Invertebrates and Weather. Inspirational for its time but now of historical interest.

Ed. Tim Sands. Second-hand copies occasionally available.
1956 Contributions to Sheffield Ecology 1956 Some Contributions to Sheffield Ecology.

Reprinted as a separate from SHEFFIELD AND ITS REGION issued on the occasion of the Sheffield meeting of the British Association in 1956. A collection of papers on local fish-life, Lepidoptera, Red and Grey Squirrels, Badgers and Bryophytes.

Second-hand copies occasionally available.
1929 Sorby Scientific Society greyscale 1929 The Natural History of the Sheffield District.

Proceedings of the Sorby Scientific Society Volume 1. An interesting collection of papers of historical value.

Second-hand copies occasionally available.