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Sorby Ornithological Group Reports

Here is a selection of published papers on ornithology in Sorbyshire. These may be downloaded as PDF files and freely quoted on condition that the original reference to the Sorby Record is cited.

Red Grouse (Lagopus lagopus). Photographed by Derek Whiteley.

Red Grouse (Lagopus lagopus).

Birds of the Sheffield Area (1958) PDF download
Observations on the Long-eared Owl (Hawley, 1966) PDF download
Birdwatching in the Sheffield Area (1984) PDF download
Long-eared Owl – Winter Diet in Lowland Areas (1986) PDF download
Swallow Census 1987-1988 PDF download
Long Term Census Of Birds In Limb Valley (1995) PDF download
Bird Feeding Survey in a Sheffield Garden (2003) PDF download
Skylarks in the Sorby Area (1998) PDF download
House Martin nest survey 1999-2000 PDF download
Breeding Season Distribution of Declining Farmland Birds (2005) PDF download
Changes in Swallow Populations in the Sorby Area (2005) PDF download
Counting Bohemian Waxwings Going to Roost (2007) PDF download
Winter Survival of Wrens in Derbyshire (2008) PDF download
Value for Birds of the Green Corridors of the Don and Rother (2010) PDF download