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Founded 1918
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Sorby Mammal and Bat Group

Secretary: Derek Whiteley, Beech Cottage, Wardlow, Derbyshire, SK17 8RP
Email: or
Recorder: Val Clinging, The Sorby Mammal Recorder, 44 Alms Hill Road, Sheffield S11 9RS

Sorby Mammal Group was formed in 1990 to promote the study, recording and survey of mammals in the Sorby region - South Yorkshire, North Derbyshire and the Peak National Park. It functions as a local group for the Mammal Society and contributes records to Mammal Society national surveys.

A major ongoing project is the Sorby Mammal Atlas. The latest edition was published in print in 1997. An update is planned for 2010 but in the mean time updates will be published on the on-line Sorby Mammal Atlas. All your records are very much welcomed for this project. If you want to record a local grid square, either download a recording form in Microsoft Word format (right-click here and select 'Save Target As...' or 'Save as link') or view and print out the form directly. Send in records of your observations of mammals to Val Clinging at the address shown above.

We are also joint organisers of the Derbyshire Mammal Atlas Project, with the Derbyshire Mammal Group. The aim is to publish a county mammal atlas in 2010.

Indoor and outdoor meetings are organised as part of the Sorby Natural History Society programme and the Mammal Society's National Mammal Week.

We are also doing special surveys of Mink, Water Voles, Harvest Mice, Mountain Hares and bats.