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2017 – 2018 Programme

Please read the introductory notes on our Events page.

Additional meetings will be organised throughout the year and where possible, late amendments, additions and cancellations will be announced on this website and in the Sorby Newsletter.

Date Location/Description Leader(s) Type
06-Apr-17 Indoor meeting: Plant Night. Chris Doar BOT
08-Apr-17 Field meeting: Hardwick Hall Estate (NT). Steve Price LIC
15-Apr-17 Field meeting: Bat walk round Elsecar. SMG with DVLP SMG
22-Apr-17 Field meeting: Sheffield Botanical Gardens. Ambroise Baker & Joan Egan MOSS
29-Apr-17 Field meeting: Spring at Sprotbrough. Jean Glasscock, Caroline Hobart & Bob Croxton BOT/FUN/ORN
02-May-17 Workshop: Butterfly Recording (with Dearne Valley Landscape Partnership). SIG with DVLP SIG
07-May-17 Field meeting: Insects on Allotments. SIG SIG
08-May-17 Field meeting: Botanical Recording in Sheffield city centre and along the canal. Jean Glasscock BOT
16-May-17 Workshop: Spider Identification (with Dearne Valley Landscape Partnership). Paul Lee with DVLP SIG
20-May-17 Workshop: Identifying Aquatic Soldierflies and Snail-killing Flies. SIG SIG
21-May-17 Workshop: Shield Bug Identification (with Dearne Valley Landscape Partnership). Jim Flanagan with DVLP SIG
21-May-17 Field meeting: Botanical Recording in the Hathersage Area (SK2283). Ken Balkow BOT
22-May-17 Field meeting: Bioblitz at Yorkshire Wildlife Park. SIG members SIG
25-May-17 Meeting of Sorby Council.
03-June-17 Field meeting: Water Vole Walk. Val Clinging SMG
13-June-17 Workshop: Identifying Grasses (with Dearne Valley Landscape Partnership). Jean Glasscock & Roger Butterfield BOT
01-July-17 Field meeting: Wombwell Woods (with Conchological Society). Robert Cameron, SIG with DVLP SIG
04-July-17 Field meeting: New Park Springs. SIG with DVLP SIG
05-July-17 Field meeting: Phoenix Park. SIG with DVLP SIG
12-July-17 Field meeting: Worsbrough Reservoir. SIG with DVLP SIG
14-July-17 Field meeting: Bonsall Mines. Jean Glasscock & Bob Clinging BOT/SIG/GEN
18-July-17 Field meeting: Warren House Park. Matthew Guest SIG
22-July-17 Field meeting: Stanage Edge North End. Steve Price LIC
25-July-17 Field meeting: Hoe Grange Quarry. Steve Price SIG
27-July-17 Indoor meeting: What is a museum for? Weston Park Museum. Alistair McLean MCG
17-Aug-17 Field meeting: Roystone Rocks and Minninglow. Steve Price LIC
19-Aug-17 Field meeting: Dunford Bridge (with Yorkshire Naturalists’ Union). Roger Butterfield BOT/GEN
29-Aug-17 Field meeting: Hartshead Quarry. Steve Price SIG
30-Aug-17 Field meeting: Late Summer Fungi. Chris Kelly FUN
07-Sep-17 Field meeting: Moss Valley Invertebrates. SIG with MVWG SIG
07-Sep-17 Meeting of Sorby Council.
10-Sep-17 Field meeting: Cat Hill, Darfield. SIG with DVLP SIG
16-Sep-17 Field meeting: Ox Stones, Ringinglow. Steve Price LIC
??-Sep-17 Indoor meeting: Tour of Natural History Gallery, Weston Park Museum. Alistair McLean MCG
03-Oct-17 Indoor meeting: Historic Taxidermy Collections at Sheffield Museum. Alistair McLean MCG
07-Oct-17 UK Fungus Day Event at JG Graves Woodland Discovery Centre, Ecclesall Woods. Ziggy Senkans & Chris Kelly FUN
08-Oct-17 Workshop: Slug Identification (with Dearne Valley Landscape Partnership). Robert Cameron SIG
11-Oct-17 Workshop: Helianthemum-associated Fungi. Deepdale NR. Rob Foster FUN
13-Oct-17 Field meeting: Big Moor. Val Clinging SMG
15-Oct-17 Field meeting: Live Mammal Trapping, Gillfield Wood (with FOGW). Val Clinging SMG
18-Oct-17 Field meeting: Whitwell Moor and Millstones Wood. Chris Kelly FUN
19-Oct-17 Meeting of Sorby Council.
22-Oct-17 Field meeting: General Cemetery (with FOGC). Ziggy Senkans FUN
28-Oct-17 Field meeting: Abbeydale Cemetery. Jim Horsfall FUN
01-Nov-17 Field meeting: Meersbrook Park. Ziggy Senkans FUN
02-Nov-17 Annual General Meeting. GEN
04-Nov-17 Workshop: Lichens for Absolute Beginners. JG Graves Woodland Discovery Centre, Ecclesall Woods. Steve Price LIC
4/5-Nov-17 Workshop: Earthtongues. Organised by Longshaw Fungi RC. Rob Foster FUN
07-Nov-17 Identifying Winter invertebrates on Sheffield’s Allotments. JG Graves Woodland Discovery Centre, Ecclesall Woods. SIG SIG
11-Nov-17 Field meeting: Fungi and Veteran Trees at Cannon Hall Country Park. Chris Kelly & Roger Butterfield FUN/BOT
12-Nov-17 Field meeting: Harvest Mice Search at Worsbrough. SMG with DVLP SMG
16-Nov-17 Indoor meeting: Fungi Night. FUN
18-Nov-17 Field meeting: Longshaw. Ambroise Baker & Joan Egan MOSS
25-Nov-17 Workshop: Mosses. JG Graves Woodland Discovery Centre, Ecclesall Woods. Ambroise Baker & Joan Egan MOSS
20-Dec-17 Workshop: Identifying Ladybirds and Soldier Beetles. SIG with DVLP SIG
07-Dec-17 Meeting of Sorby Council.
29-Dec-17 Field meeting: Christmas Pudding Walk. June Robinson GEN
??-Dec-17 Doncaster Museums Collections Blitz. TBC MCG
2018 The Society celebrates its centenary this year.
13-Jan-18 Firth Park Winter Wander and Planning Meeting. FUN
25-Jan-18 Meeting of Sorby Council.
24-Feb-18 Indoor meeting: South Yorkshire Natural History Day. GEN
22-Mar-18 Meeting of Sorby Council.
??-March-18 Field meeting: 45th Colin Marsden Mountain Hare Walk. TBC SMG

The outline programme can also be downloaded as a PDF document with BOLD TYPE. Click here to download the document or contact to request a copy by email.


Abbreviations used in the programme

TBC = To be confirmed.
BOT = Botany
MOSS = Mosses
FUN = Fungi
GEN = General Interest
LIC = Lichens
MCG = Sorby Museums and Collections Group
ORN = Ornithology (Birds)
SIG = Sorby Invertebrate Group
SMG = Sorby Mammal Group
DVLP = Dearne Valley Landscape Partnership
FOGC = Friends of the General Cemetery
FOGW = Friends of Gillfield Wood
MVWG = Moss Valley Wildlife Group


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