The Sorby Natural History Society, Sheffield

Covering a full range of natural history interests in Sheffield and the surrounding area, providing for both interested beginners and specialists.

2015 – 2016 Programme

Please read the introductory notes on our Events page.

Date Location/Description Leader(s) Type
11-Apr-15 Dane’s Hill Carol Hobart FUN
12-Apr-15 Sherwood Forest Craig Levy LIC
16-Apr-15 Plant Night Chris Doar BOT
19-Apr-15 Barnack Hills and Holes, Lincs (Minibus trip) Jean Glasscock BOT
21-Apr-15 Wentworth Castle grounds, “Deer & Daffodils” Peter Clegg GEN
22-Apr-15 Midweek Mammals Derek Whiteley SMG
23-Apr-15 Urban Bird Conservation & Neighbourhood Nest Watch Karl Evans ORN
25-Apr-15 Bluebell Walk (with Friends of Shirtcliffe) Pat Howells BOT
25-Apr-15 Yorkshire Geology Month launch (with Yorks Geol Soc) GEO
29-April-15 Creswell Crags Museum Derek Whiteley SMCG
30-Apr-15 Thrybergh Tip and Reservoir Jim Monach ORN/GEN
02-May-15 Sand Lizards and Natterjacks at Ainsdale John Newton REP
06-May-15 Ogden Brook – Invertebrate Recording SIG
14-May-15 Longshaw Bat Walk Derek Whiteley SMG
16-May-15 Little Matlock Wood Roger Butterfield BOT/FUN
20-May-15 Cressbrook Dale Jean Glasscock BOT
20-May-15 Sheffield Breeding Atlas Richard Hill ORN
26-May-15 Nottingham Museum, Wollaton Hall Alistair McLean SMCG
30-May-15 Moorland edge, Derwent Jim Monach ORN/GEN
02-June-15 Moss Valley – invertebrate recording SIG
13-June-15 Gillfield Wood Bioblitz Derek Bateson GEN
17-June-15 Dyscarr Wood NWT reserve – invertebrate recording SIG
24-June-15 Sheffield and Tinsley Canal Cheryl Gibson SIG/BOT
27-June-15 Longstone Edge Bill Smyllie SIG/BOT
01-July-15 Wye Valley – invertebrate recording (evening) SIG
08-July-15 Lady Lee Quarry – invertebrate recording SIG
11-July-15 Chesterfield Canal Jim Monach ORN/GEN
11-July-15 Longshaw Bat Walk Derek Whiteley SMG
12-July-15 Plant galls, Millthorpe Tom Higginbottom BOT
15-July-15 Creswell Crags geology walk (With SAGT) Ken Dorning GEO
16-July-15 Dragonflies at Rother Valley Alistair McLean SIG
18-July-15 Back Dale/Horseshoe Dale Steve Price LIC
20-July-15 Redmires Conduit Julie Westfold BOT
25-July-15 Parkwood Springs Roger Butterfield BOT
29-July-15 Sheffield & Tinsley Canal Cheryl Gibson BOT/SIG
02-Aug-15 Oarystones and Coombs Dale Jean Glasscock BOT/GEN
06-Aug-15 Midwife toads, Woodsetts John Newton REP
08-Aug-15 Bradfield Dale Roger Butterfield BOT
12-Aug-15 Daubentons Bat monitoring Derek Whiteley SMG
20-Aug-15 Daubenton’s Bat monitoring, Wardsend Alistair McLean SMG
22-Aug-15 Rutland Bird Fair ORN
09-Sept-15 Bat Walk Derek Whiteley SMG
10-Sept-15 National Moth Night Richard Harris SIG
16-Sept-15 Members’ Night Jim Monach ORN
17-Sept-15 Sorby Council
19-Sept-15 Longshaw – bigger trees Steve Price LIC
20-Sept-15 Craneflies John Kramer SIG
23-Sept-15 Longshaw Bat Walk Derek Whiteley SMG
24-Sept-15 Adwick Jim Monach ORN/GEN
26-Sept-15 Bradfield Dale Roger Butterfield & Ziggy Senkans FUN
30-Sept-15 Beeley and Great Hollins Woods Chris Kelly & Ziggy Senkans FUN
04-Oct-15 Live mammal trapping, (with Friends of Gillfield Wood) Val Clinging SMG
07-Oct-15 Midweek Mammals Derek Whiteley SMG
07-Oct-15 Glen Howe Park & Spout House Hill Chris Kelly & Roger Butterfield BOT/FUN
10-Oct-15 Hay Cop & Cressbrook Dale Rob Foster & Jim Horsfall FUN
10-Oct-15 Harvestman Identification Workshop Paul Richards SIG
17-Oct-15 Hopper Identification Workshop Jim Flanagan SIG
22-Oct-15 Sorby Council
24-Oct-15 Lathkill Dale (middle section) Steve Price LIC
25-Oct-15 Sheffield General Cemetery Nature Reserve Ziggy Senkans FUN
25-Oct-15 Harvest mouse search Derek Whiteley SMG
29-Oct-15 A botanist in the Algarve Ken Balkow BOT/FUN
31-Oct-15 Wheata Wood Chris Kelly & Brian Mitchell FUN
03-Nov-15 Annual General Meeting
04-Nov-15 Midweek Mammals Derek Whiteley SMG
06-Nov-15 Burbage Valley & former plantation Ziggy Senkans FUN
07-Nov-15 Fungus Foray (With Friends of Shirtcliffe) Paul Garland FUN
11-Nov-15 Rotherham Museum Alistair McLean SMCG
14-Nov-15 SIG at D&NES Exhibition SIG
18-Nov-15 Tropical Forest Bird Conservation David Edwards ORN
21-Nov-15 Mosses workshop Joan Egan BOT
26-Nov-15 Fungi Night FUN
28-Nov-15 Lichens and microscopes, a practical workshop Steve Price LIC
01-Dec-15 Potteric Carr Jim Monach GEN
02-Dec-15 Leeds Museum Alistair McLean SMCG
03-Dec-15 Sorby Council
09-Dec-15 Midweek Mammals Derek Whiteley SMG
10-Dec-15 Tasmania & Kangaroo Island Bob Clinging GEN
15-Dec-15 SIG Christmas AGM SIG
29-Dec-15 Christmas Pudding Walk June Robinson GEN
06-Jan-16 Midweek Mammals Derek Whiteley SMG
09-Jan-16 Graves Park Group get together FUN
21-Jan-16 Sorby Council
29-Jan-16 Invertebrate Slide Night Paul Richards SIG
02-Feb-16 Ravensfield Park Jim Monach ORN/GEN
10-Feb-16 Midweek Mammals Derek Whiteley SMG
17-Feb-16 Birds of the NW USA Bob Croxton ORN
25-Feb-16 Visit to Weston Park Museum Alistair McLean SMCG
09-Mar16 Midweek Mammals Derek Whiteley SMG
10-Mar-16 Mammal Night SMG
17-Mar-16 Sorby Council
19-Mar-16 Rivelin Valley Steve Price LIC
20-Mar-16 Colin Marsden Mountain Hare Walk SMG


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