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The SIG Hoverfly Workshop held in September 2015 at Elsecar, in association with the Dearne Valley Landscape Partnership.

All indoor meetings (except meetings of Sorby Council) are open to all members irrespective of the content, as all members are automatically members of all Groups. Non-members will also be made welcome to attend the meetings and will be encouraged to apply for membership if they wish to return for more!

Indoor meetings normally start at 7.15pm and close around 9.30pm. The venue for each meeting is given in our monthly newsletter. Many meetings take place at the University of Sheffield; the most frequently used venue is the Hicks Building on Hounsfield Road, S3 7RH. Please ask the porter on reception if you are unsure of the room number.

To attend field meetings, you need to become a member of the Sorby Natural History Society. If you wish to sample what we have to offer before joining, please feel free to attend one of our lectures or indoor meetings.

Identification workshops may require advance booking – details are given in our monthly newsletter.

The Sorby Newsletter

Full details of all our activities can be found in our monthly newsletter, which is distributed free of charge to all members by post or by email. Click here to find out how to become a member and receive the newsletter.

2016 – 2017 Programme

Additional meetings will be organised throughout the year and where possible, late amendments, additions and cancellations will be announced on this website and in the Sorby Newsletter.

Date Location/Description Leader(s) Type
02-Apr-16 Book Sale Peter Clegg GEN
09-Apr-16 Weevil Identification Workshop (with Dearne Valley Landscape Partnership) Alan Lazenby SIG
09-Apr-16 Field meeting at Lathkill Dale Steve Price LIC
14-Apr-16 Indoor meeting: Plant Night Chris Doar BOT
22-Apr-16 Field meeting at Cromford Canal Jean Glasscock & Chris Kelly FUN/BOT/GEN
26-Apr-16 Freshwater Invertebrates Workshop (with Dearne Valley Landscape Partnership) Stuart Crofts SIG
29-Apr-16 Field meeting: Bats and Booze Bob Croxton SMG
30-Apr-16 Shirtcliffe Valley Bluebell Walk (with Friends of Shirtcliffe) Pat Howells BOT
07-May-16 Field meeting at Anston Stones Wood Roger Butterfield, Ziggy Senkans & Chris Kelly BOT/FUN/GEN
08-May-16* Snail Identification Workshop (with Dearne Valley Landscape Partnership) Robert Cameron SIG
08-May-16 Field meeting: Limb Valley 20 Years On Val & Bob Clinging GEN
13-May-16 Field meeting in the Sheaf Valley (with City Ecology Unit) Ziggy Senkans FUN/GEN
14-May-16 Field meeting: Bryophytes in the Porter Valley (with North Western Naturalists’ Union – Bryophyte & Lichen Section) Ambroise Baker & Joan Egan BOT
17-May-16 Field meeting at Endcliffe Park (with City Ecology Unit) Julie Westfold BOT/GEN
23-May-16 Field meeting at Cressbrook Dale Jean Glasscock BOT/GEN
26-May-16 Meeting of Sorby Council
29-May-16 Field meeting at Bolehill Recreation Ground, Crookes (for Sheffield Environment Weeks) Roger Butterfield GEN
04-June-16 Water Vole Walk Val Clinging SMG
17-June-16 Evening Bird Walk, Burbage Roger Butterfield ORN
24-June-16 Field meeting at Barrow Colliery Local Wildlife Site Roger Butterfield BOT/GEN
25-June-16 Field meeting at Hardwick Hall Estate Steve Price LIC
26-June-16 Field meeting at Brightside and the River Don Roger Butterfield BOT/GEN
02-July-16 Brownfield Survey Workshop (with Dearne Valley Landscape Partnership) SIG SIG
04-July-16 Field meeting at Woodhouse Washlands Chris Doar BOT/GEN
05-July-16 Field meeting at Hartshead Quarry Steve Price SIG
09-July-16 Field meeting at Langsett Woods and Swinden Roger Butterfield BOT/GEN
17-July-16 Field meeting at Clumber Park (with British Plant Galls Society) Tom Higginbottom SIG/BOT/GEN
06-Aug-16 Field meeting at Big Moor Steve Price LIC
07-Aug-16 Field meeting: Trees in the City Centre Joan Egan & Leonora Dobson BOT
20-Aug-16 Field meeting: Vascular plants in the Porter Valley Ambroise Baker BOT
21-Aug-16 Het Bugs Workshop (with Dearne Valley Landscape Partnership) Jim Flanagan SIG
03-Sep-16† Field meeting at Stanage Edge, North End Steve Price LIC
07-Sep-16 Field meeting at Langsett Woods Roger Butterfield & Chris Kelly FUN
08-Sep-16 Meeting of Sorby Council
10-Sep-16 Entoloma workshop (with National Trust, Longshaw) Contact: Rob Foster FUN
11-Sep-16 Entoloma workshop (with National Trust, Longshaw) Contact: Rob Foster FUN
11-Sep-16 Field meeting at Anglers Country Park near Wakefield (with British Plant Galls Society) Tom Higginbottom SIG/BOT/GEN
17-Sep-16 Beginners’ Fungi Workshop Ecclesall Woods Patrick Harding FUN
24-Sep-16 Slug Identification Workshop (with Dearne Valley Landscape Partnership) Robert Cameron SIG
01-Oct-16 Field meeting at Parkwood Springs (with Friends of Parkwood Springs) Ziggy Senkans FUN
02-Oct-16 Live Mammal Trapping in Gillfield Wood (with Friends of Gillfield Wood) Val Clinging SMG
06-Oct-16 Field meeting at Hagg Wood, Clough Fields Ziggy Senkans FUN
08-Oct-16 Linacre Wood Chris Kelly FUN
15-Oct-16 Fungi workshop, Elsecar Ziggy Senkans & Chris Kelly FUN
15-Oct-16 Field meeting at Horseshoe Dale Steve Price LIC
16-Oct-16 Field meeting at General Cemetery (with Friends of General Cemetery) Ziggy Senkans FUN
19-Oct-16 Field meeting at Whitwell Moor and Millstones Wood Chris Kelly & Brian Mitchell FUN
20-Oct-16 Meeting of Sorby Council
22-Oct-16 Field meeting at Porter Valley (with Friends of Porter Valley) Ziggy Senkans FUN
23-Oct-16 Field meeting at Coombs Dale Rob Foster FUN
24-Oct-16 Field meeting at Burngreave Cemetery Ziggy Senkans FUN
29-Oct-16 Field meeting: Burbage Plantation Bryophytes Ambroise Baker & Joan Egan BOT
30-Oct-16 Field meeting at Wharncliffe Woods Ziggy Senkans FUN
02-Nov-16 Field meeting at Yew Trees Wood, Bolsterstone Roger Butterfield & Chris Kelly FUN
03-Nov-16 Annual General Meeting GEN
05-Nov-16 Field meeting: Ringinglow Bog Bryophytes Ambroise Baker & Joan Egan BOT
17-Nov-16 Indoor meeting: Fungi Night FUN
08-Dec-16 Meeting of Sorby Council
29-Dec-16 Christmas Pudding Walk June Robinson GEN
07-Jan-17 Norfolk Park Winter Wander and Planning Meeting FUN
19-Jan-17 Meeting of Sorby Council
04-Feb-17 Indoor meeting: Microscopy for Fungi Identification Carol Hobart FUN
25-Feb-17 Indoor meeting: South Yorkshire Natural History Day GEN
23-Mar-17 Meeting of Sorby Council
25-Mar-17 Field meeting in the Hope Valley Steve Price LIC
March-17 Colin Marsden Mountain Hare Walk SMG

* The date of the Snail Identification Workshop has been changed from 07-May-16 to 08-May-16.
The date of the Lichen Field Meeting to northern end of Stanage Edge has been changed from 23-July-16 to 03-Sep-16.

Abbreviations used in the 2016 – 2017 Programme

BOT = Botany (Vascular Plants and/or Bryophytes)
FUN = Fungi
GEN = General Interest
LIC = Lichens
ORN = Ornithology (Birds)
SIG = Sorby Invertebrate Group
SMG = Sorby Mammal Group

2015 – 2016 Programme