This is an appeal to the membership for someone to take on the duties of Bird Recorder.

The requirements are for someone who likes birds and can use a computer and can construct a spreadsheet to transfer records as and when needed.

The Sorby Ornithological Group uses software known as Recorder 6, devised for JNCC and used by Local Biodiversity Record Centres. The features offered by this system may be learnt progressively as the need arises. We have 385K records on our database.

Whilst not essential, this is an opportunity for someone to find new ways to involve the membership in providing and using bird data and particularly to look at ways to encourage the younger generation to become involved in the study of bird life.  For those with a more scientific bent, the system provides a valuable tool for the analysis of records and, in these days when additional data sources are readily available, there is a unique opportunity to carry out such work.

If you would like to apply, or know anyone who might be interested, please get in touch with Harold Smith via .


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