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The Sorby Study and Recording Area

The map above shows the area studied and recorded by the Sorby Natural History Society, Sheffield.

Sometimes referred to as “Sorbyshire”, the area includes most of South Yorkshire, the northern part of Derbyshire, most of the Peak District National Park and most of Sherwood Forest and the Dukeries.

Traditionally the Society recorded a 20-mile radius of Sheffield Town Hall. In 1978 we decided to square off the study and recording area, resulting in an area of 49 ten-kilometre squares centred on SK38, or 4900 one-kilometre squares with SK35008500 in the centre.

The four corners of the study and recording area are defined by the following OS co-ordinates:

north-east corner – 470000, 420000;
south-east corner – 470000, 50000;
south-west corner – 400000, 350000;
north-west corner – 400000, 420000.

The one-kilometre grid squares in the four corners are as follows:

north-east corner – SE6919 (Greenland);
south-east corner – SK6950 (Halloughton);
south-west corner – SK0050 (Collyhole Brook);
north-west corner – SE0019 (Baitings);


The Sorby Natural History Society's Study and Recording Area.

The Sorby Natural History Society’s Study and Recording Area.


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